Spritz Aromatic Bitters & Soda

  • At 70 calories, the Hella Spritz Aromatic is a bittered cocktail mixer that drinks like an effervescent non-alcholic Negroni. One can makes 2 drinks.
  • What is a “Spritz?” – It’s a refreshingly carbonated aperitif traditionally enjoyed during daytime hours.
  • Hella’s Bitters & Soda is a premium sparkling mixer that gets its smart refreshing flavor from the Gentian root in the South of France.
  • Spritz Aromatic, is bittersweet with notes of clove, allspice, bitter root and orange peel – enjoyable on its own or mixed with your favorite spirit.
  • A versatile one-step cocktail ingredient. Dress down a Provence Rosé Spritz or mingle it with the brooding oak of Kentucky Straight Bourbon.
  • Dry